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Privacy Policy

For Your Safety

The primary goal of CRX International is to ensure public safety.

Medications are packaged by the manufacturer, distributed by government-regulated wholesalers, prescribed by practicing prescribers, labeled and dispensed by licensed pharmacists, and delivered directly to the end-user in the sealed, original manufacturer’s packaging.

In addition, CRX International professionals regularly inspect all licensed pharmacies to ensure that safety standards and all American/source country regulations are met. To place an international order, each prescription follows the equivalent fulfillment process as in America (Tier 1 countries as designated by Congress). Therefore, each international order must be reviewed and prescribed by a practicing licensed prescriber, dispensed by a practicing licensed pharmacist, then packaged at an accredited licensed pharmacy and shipped directly to the patient.

Protecting Patients

The CRX International quality assurance team of doctors and pharmacists developed and monitor a carefully restricted formulary of over 300 widely used brand-name maintenance medications.

  • Acute medications (antibiotics)
  • Controlled substances (narcotics)
  • Targeted substances (benzodiazepines)
  • Medications requiring refrigeration
  • Medications that require ongoing monitoring/adjustments by primary care prescribers
  • Precursor substances (Allegra-D)
  • Lifestyle medications
  • Generic multi-source medications

Others may offer these products, but we don’t. Our goal is to operate in the safest way possible. Thorough research and decades of experience guide us to providing the soundest formulary possible. In addition, the medications we do offer are closely monitored.

When a recall or concern of any kind is issued anywhere, we reach out to patients individually and replace the medications at no cost. This is done even when the law or governmental guidance does not require it. Our reputation is based on prudent protocols like this that further illustrate the CRX International commitment to patient safety.

Quality Assurance

The CRX International Quality Assurance Team of doctors and pharmacists is responsible for establishing and maintaining all safety and processing standards.

  • Tier 1 country sourcing
  • U.S. prescribing prescribers’ licensing verification
  • Order processing
    • American based Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR)
    • Identification and assessment of drug allergies and interactions
    • Maintaining and updating health/drug profiles of clients
  • Internal incident reporting and logging
  • Patient counseling standards
  • Patient education leaflets are included with each order
  • Standardized prescription labels
  • Refill medication notification and controls:
    • All patients are personally contacted to ensure timely refills
    • All changes are file documented and reviewed
    • Refills are issued only when needed and confirmed
    • Consultations with the primary care prescribers are conducted as required
    • A prescription renewal request service is available at no cost
    • 24/7 emergency support line
Pharmacy Accreditation

CRX International professionals regularly inspect all licensed pharmacies to ensure that all safety
protocols and all American/source country regulations are met.

  • License verification
  • Review dispensing procedures
  • Review pharmacist/technician ratios
  • Conduct a complete audit and inspection

Inspection visits ensure uniform safety standards and dispensing procedures.

Liability Insurance

Many competitors claimed to be insured. CRX International makes this claim with full confidence we have the best coverage in the industry.

Many competitors claimed to be insured. CRX International makes this claim with full confidence we have the best coverage in the industry.

CRX International carries full claims-made coverage (through Lloyd’s of London) for general liability (including as to products supplied by or on behalf of CRX International) and professional liability at $2 million. A plan holder can be named as an additional insured.

To date, not a single claim has been made.


The CRX International computer system (GRA) is a series of real-time, queue-based electronically updated operating programs.

The GRA tracks applications and order processing, eligibility, formulary adjustments, safety protocols, product pricing, and, in short, administers all facets of the CRX International network. It is accessible on a 24/7 basis throughout the contracted CRX International network.

Incorporated within the GRA is a mandatory U.S. Drug Utilization Review (DUR) provided through contracts with First Databank of California and operated by CRX International staff pharmacists. This ensures maximum safety is maintained.