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CRX International’s services are focused on self funded groups. This includes governmental entities, public and private corporations, business associations, unions, as well as affinity groups. CRX International offers a unique approach to obtaining prescription medications that results in substantial cost savings to your current plan.

CRX International is dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to both plan sponsor and all individual participants. We offer a unique approach to solving a problem that most self funded employers, employees and consultants find difficult to deal with; the rising cost of their health insurance program, and more specifically, the inflationary cost of their prescription medications.

In most cases, prescription medications account for a significant portion of the rising cost of a self funded health care plan. Often, self-funded groups attempt to offset their cost by limiting their offerings to employees. This is usually done by restricting formularies, raising co-pays, implementing step therapies and generic mandates. Usually resulting in a loss of benefits to the plan member.

The CRX International program is able to reduce the cost of your plan’s prescription medications while actually increasing member benefits!

How are we able to do this? We work with government-licensed pharmacies in Tier 1 countries (designated by Congress) to supply members with their prescribed medicine(s). By working directly with a pharmacy intermediary to negotiate better pricing, CRX International is able to reduce the cost of your plan’s prescription medications by up to 50% at the same time offering a zero co-pay plan to the member.

PLAN SPONSOR BENEFITS: Depending upon the size of your group, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions of dollars, per year. And give your employees and their dependents access to an affordable option for their brand name maintenance medications.

PLAN MEMBER BENEFITS: Access to safe, affordable prescription drugs through a customer service driven program while removing members co-pay responsibility.

CONSULTANT, BROKER AND TPA BENEFIT: CRX International offers a new resource and solution to the benefit arena that can be introduced with confidence to self-funded employer groups as a win/win program.

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